How to write blog posts in less time

Czech 2013 Prague Astronomical Clock Face by Godot13

I’ll say it up front: I’m tackling this because I struggle with it myself. I spent an hour last night writing a short blog post about interpreting and another two hours this morning returning to it again and again to make revisions. (And that’s after already publishing it last night, which is a no-no.) Rather than telling you what works for me, I’ve collected some articles from bloggers I hope I can learn from — and you can too.

Whew! Even that took me a half-hour. Any ideas on blogging faster?

Author: Daniel Greene

I facilitate communication between Deaf and hearing people, and I teach people American Sign Language (ASL) and interpreting. Apart from doing the work I love, my greatest joys are family & friends, entertainment, food, photography, and travel.

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