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  • No Shave November 2015

    Growing the beard for #NoShaveNovember @No_Shave I found out going to https://t.co/yilSlM5sH0 that you can donate. pic.twitter.com/SvTC9nHR3F — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) November 11, 2015

  • Live-tweeting the democratic presidential debate

    Bravo for making it about us, not about you! @MartinOMalley #DemDebate — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) October 14, 2015 I'm not running because I would be the first woman president, but I would be the first woman president, and don't you forget it. #DemDebate — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) October 14, 2015 "Some of the candidates here […]

  • Too much Robin Williams on ABC World News

    I liked @robinwilliams & like #ABCWorldNews but can't see why ABC made their whole program about Williams the day he died, & so much since. — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) August 15, 2014

  • Volunteering for deaf-blind interpreting and SSP

    Volunteering to interpret & give special support services SSP to deaf-blind to refresh my tactile skills in advance of my workshop @RID_Inc. — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) March 3, 2012

  • Categories vs. tags

    A tag is what a post is about; a category is what kind of post it is. Consider tutorial as a category, not a tag. #blogging @wordpressdotcom — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) February 25, 2012