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  • We’re proud to be an American

    Or at least we know we’re free– to walk around this site, that is. As much as it saddened and frightened me on 9/11, and as much as I respect the people who died, the people who died trying to save them–and the people who survived–I was glad to be over the hour-and-a-half ordeal it […]

  • Happy Independence Day, America!

    Here’s to celebrating independence — and healthy interdependence — not just today but always, not just in the USA but everywhere.

  • Ecstatic as President Obama takes oath of office

    Ecstatic as President Obama takes oath of office Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene This is me and my husband Andy reacting to the final moment of President Barak Hussein Obama’s oath of office to become president of the United States of America. We were not able to watch it together until we both came home […]

  • Just Married!

    Just Married! Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene. I’m posting this on the one-week anniversary of our legal same-sex marriage in California. Since I took it with my Sidekick and uploaded it to Flickr right after our civil ceremony, it’s been viewed (as of this writing) 199 times, had received 53 comments, and 6 people call […]