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  • Andy and me having fun on Creek Street, Ketchikan, AK

    Andy shot this video while we we enjoying our time in Ketchikan, AK on the Alaskan cruise we took in June. Here, he shows the Creek flowing under Creek Street and we have fun discussing the bawdy history of Dolly’s. Transcription:

  • Our Crazy, Noisy Dogs

    I was awakened this afternoon (staying at home with the flu) to these crazy noises of our dog Buxley playing with Andy. I got up and shot this to capture the hard-to-believe noise he makes.

  • Now You Can Closed-Caption Your Google Videos!

    [Update: Above is a screenshot I saved before my video went away. As of April 29, 2011, videos uploaded to Google Video will no longer play.] This is my first Google video, and my first video with closed captioning. Click on the little “CC” icon to watch the captions. I must say I’m a bit…

  • Two Fathers

    Andy received a link to this YouTube video this morning, and I was so happy to see it. Our friends who got married last weekend are going to adopt, and Andy and I have talked about it. Here’s to all those kids who have two fathers, and to all those male couples with children! A…

  • Doggie Play Date

    Here’s Buxley play-fighting with Stanley (our friend Mark’s dog) as J.J. sniffs and looks on.