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  • Now You Can Closed-Caption Your Google Videos!

    [Update: Above is a screenshot I saved before my video went away. As of April 29, 2011, videos uploaded to Google Video will no longer play.] This is my first Google video, and my first video with closed captioning. Click on the little “CC” icon to watch the captions. I must say I’m a bit […]

  • Two Fathers

    Andy received a link to this YouTube video this morning, and I was so happy to see it. Our friends who got married last weekend are going to adopt, and Andy and I have talked about it. Here’s to all those kids who have two fathers, and to all those male couples with children! A […]

  • Doggie Play Date

    Here’s Buxley play-fighting with Stanley (our friend Mark’s dog) as J.J. sniffs and looks on.

  • Love Song for Husband on YouTube

    In commemoration of our two-year wedding anniversary, I published a video of myself singing a song I wrote for Andy last Valentine’s Day. (I put this on YouTube on our anniversary, August 8, but I’m just getting around to blogging about it here now.)

  • How to Send vCard via Bluetooth on Sidekick 3: A YouTube Video

    Speaking and signing at the same time, in Pidgin Signed English, I show you how to set your contact information in your address book as your vCard. Then I show you how to turn on Bluetooth and send your vCard to other SK3’s.