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  • Thirteen years on WordPress

    Thirteen years on WordPress

    I have been off-and-on with blogging over the years, but I’m really happy I turned my 10-year-old website into a blog in 2006 and have kept it up all these years. WordPress has definitely made it easier to publish new content on DanielGreene.com.

  • Why I am hating health insurance right now

    I don’t hate Obamacare, but I have been hating healthcare insurance the last few years.

  • Blog 2014: Adding social media links

    Blog 2014: Adding social media links

    Where I learned how to add social media buttons, and where I found them Today, I added custom social media links to my secondary menu, which appears on the left sidebar in the Twenty-Fourteen WordPress theme I’m using now. I did this because Twenty-Fourteen doesn’t have social links in the theme, and I wanted them […]

  • A cool site for designing color schemes

    I recommend Work With Color’s Color Schemer to get complementary colors and multi-color palettes for blogs. To customize two of my blogs, I used the OS X color picker “eye dropper” to copy the color of an element of a blog’s default style and find out what the color’s hexadecimal code was. Then I entered the hex […]

  • WordPress themes not showing author bylines explained

    The other day, I expressed my concern on the WordPress Support Forums that my author bylines were gone from my posts in this blog using the Twenty Twelve theme. Today I got a response from staff explaining that, because of feedback from the WordPress community, they started using CSS (the style markup that composes the […]