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  • WordPress.com themes that support post formats, WordAds, and bylines

    I’ve been looking for a theme that will support my WordAds account, support post formats, and show my byline. As of this writing, only 57 out of 206 themes support post formats. Only 24 support post formats and WordAds. I wonder how many of those 24 show bylines. Let’s see:

  • WordPress.com themes that display author bylines

    Update: This post is superseded by Blog 2014: Free WordPress themes that display bylines. Original Post: (You can skip to my findings if you like.) To get the best search results for your blog, you will want to verify authorship with Google. Google requires web pages to have bylines such as “By Daniel Greene” or […]

  • Categories vs. tags

    A tag is what a post is about; a category is what kind of post it is. Consider tutorial as a category, not a tag. #blogging @wordpressdotcom — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) February 25, 2012

  • I want a Chromebook; in fact, I want a Chromephone. Easy on the OS, and hold the apps.

    The coming of the Chromebook–the web-only netbook that boots in less than ten seconds–has me thinking how nice it would be if my Android phone booted up in 10 seconds instead of 60. But if it did, it wouldn’t be an Android phone, would it? It would be a Chromephone, and that’s all right with […]

  • Hyper Haiku: Inspired Meditations in Hyperlinked Haiku 俳句

    Hyper Haiku: Inspired Meditations in Hyperlinked Haiku 俳句

    Hyper Haiku 俳句 Inspired Meditations in Hyperlinked Haiku Purpose: I created this site to explore the possibilities of hyperlinking haiku poems, knowing that the medium of hypertext would encourage me to free-associate and be more prolific. I am interested in your experience as a reader of these poems. Most poems will offer at least two […]