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  • Flying to Minneapolis

    On my way to Minneapolis – St. Paul to teach interpreters about phonology, orthography, and vague language (VL).

  • Workshops in Minnesota: Promo videos in English & ASL

    I made these two videos to promote my workshops in Minneapolis/St. Paul November 9th & 10th. Friday night is Speak & Spell, a workshop on pronouncing and spelling foreign names and words. Saturday is Just What They Said: Interpreting Intentionally Vague Language. These workshops will be in English with ASL interpretation. Interpreters of all signed […]

  • Workshops in Minneapolis-St. Paul November 9 & 10

    Here’s why you should come to my Speak & Spell and Vague Language workshops on November 9th and 10th.

  • Workshops in Minnesota, November 2012

    Hi, Minnesota! I’m Daniel Greene, and I’m going to be in Minneapolis – St. Paul the weekend of Friday, November 9th and Saturday, November 10th presenting two workshops. The first one, on Friday night from 6pm to 9pm, is about fingerspelling and pronouncing foreign names and words. It’s fascinating all the different spellings and sounds […]

  • Webshop Wednesday – ‘Terps on film: Ethical or entertaining?

    Webshop Wednesday – ‘Terps on film: Ethical or entertaining?

    This Wednesday, July 25th, from 9a-noon Arizona Time (UTC-7:00), I am excited to open my workshop to participants on a Google+ Hangout. Interpreters on Google+ have asked me when I would be offering a workshop online, and this is the second time I am. This workshop costs $30 USD and offers .3 continuing education units (CEUs) […]