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  • My review of the Targus Presentation Remote I use for workshops

    I just realized I never actually posted this review here on my blog! This video has been reviewed about 35,500 times in the three years since I posted it, I have used it to teach many of my workshops, and I still feel the same way about this remote as I did when I first reviewed it. […]

  • Slideshows of Interpreting Vague Language Workshop Series

    Slideshows of Interpreting Vague Language Workshop Series

    These are the slideshows from the series of three Interpreting Vague Language (VL) workshops I taught in July. I’m sharing these for people who are interested in vague language and how I teach  it. I recommend taking these three parts together as a Friday night, all day Saturday workshop. Please email me@danielgreene.com or call me […]

  • Introductory vague language workshop for all interpreters, presented in English

    This Thursday evening, July 18th, from 6–9pm UTC -7, I will be presenting the first workshop of my three-part series on interpreting vague language. This training is appropriate for interpreters of all languages, and is presented in English. The second and third parts, held on Friday, July 19th from 9am-noon and 1–4pm respectively (UTC -7) […]

  • Vague language workshops – beginning, intermediate, and advanced

    I’m teaching a new vague language training series comprising three three-hour workshops on an evening and the following morning and afternoon. My vague language workshops have been delivered since 2009  in various formats from three to six hours long. Two pieces of feedback I have received more than once are a) that the workshop should span […]

  • Teaching a workshop in Albuquerque

    Flying to Albuquerque to teach a workshop on interpreting into English. I call it “Tripplingly on the tongue” after Hamlet’s speech to the players. 😉