Sang “Santa Fe” Solo at Recital Last Night

I performed this solo during a Phoenix College Music Department recital last night. I’ve been working on this song with my singing teacher, Dan Hooper, who accompanied me on piano. My apologies to my deaf readers for not captioning it; it’s just too time consuming for me right now [I actually did caption this once I had the technology to do so]. Here are the lyrics:

So that’s what they call a family
Mother, daughter, father, son
Guess everything you heard about is true.
So you ain’t got any family
Well, who said you needed one?
Ain’tcha glad nobody’s waiting up for you?
When I dream on my own
I’m alone, but I ain’t lonely
For a dreamer, night’s the only time of day
When the city’s finally sleeping
When my thoughts begin to stray
And I’m on the train that bound for
Santa Fe
And I’m free
Like the wind
Like I’m gonna live forever.
It’s a feeling time can never take away
All I needs a few more dollars
And I’m outta here to stay
Dreams come true
Yes they do
In Santa Fe
Where does it say you gotta live and die here?
Where does it say a guy can’t catch a break?
Why should you only take what you’re given?
Why should you spend your whole life livin’
Trapped where there ain’t no future
Even at seventeen
Breaking your back for someone else’s sake
If the life don’t seem to suit ya
How ’bout a change of scene–
Far from the lousy headlines
And the deadlines in between?
Santa Fe
Are you there?
Do you swear you won’t forget me?
If I found you would you let me come and stay?
I ain’t getting any younger
And before my dying day
I want space
Not just air
Let ’em laugh in my face, I don’t care
Save a place
I’ll be there
So that’s what they call a family?
Ain’tcha glad you ain’t that way?
Ain’tcha glad you got a dream called
Santa Fe?





One response to “Sang “Santa Fe” Solo at Recital Last Night”

  1. Ian Singing McAllister Avatar

    You certainly look as if you’re having fun. I envy you, because my singing has never been good enough to be a soloist.

    I’m in great demand for choir singing and barbershop singing, but solo singing would take more training than I have time for.


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