Meeting Toni Tennille

I met Toni Tenille when I was working at J.W. Robinson in Beverly Hills. She was very gracious. I told her about how “Love Will Keep Us Together” was the first album I ever spent my allowance on (ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” was the first single). I told her about how, when I was 9, I was riding in the car with my paternal grandparents, sitting on the front bench seat between Granny and Grandpa, with my hand on grandpa’s leg. I was singing, “The Way That I Want to Touch You” without even thinking about it when my grandmother suddenly asked, “Danny! What is that song you’re singing? That’s an awfully strange lyric for a boy to be singing!” And imagine how my grandfather felt with my hand on his leg while I sang it! Well, Toni laughed and said, “Ah, kids!” (politely skipping over the embarrasing issues that could be read into that story) and told me that she was really proud of that song because she wrote it.

I never realized it until just now, writing this, but I have had the supreme delight of meeting the artists who made the first music I ever bought! How many people can say that? Thank you, ABBA and Toni Tenille! 😀






3 responses to “Meeting Toni Tennille”

  1. Daniel Greene Avatar

    It’s nice to hear from other Toni Tennille fans! Thanks for the spelling correction. I changed the title, but I’m going to leave the post slug the same so people can still find the URL.


  2. Jim Owen Avatar
    Jim Owen

    Hello, nice of u 2 share this as I met Toni once, also. Toni’s last name is spelled with 2 n’s. Have a great Monday!


  3. Austin Hayes Avatar

    Hi Daniel,

    What a great memory to share with us including your encounter with Toni Tennille. I tried to contact you privately, but in case the message doesn’t reach you, I love for you to become a member of my C&T Yahoo group. This is the link:

    I’m going to share this with the other group members who will get a kick from reading this too. I’ll route them to your blog so perhaps they will leave comments as well.



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