Man to Man

Man to Man
Originally uploaded by danielgreene.

This is one in a series of four shots I took experimenting with the “digital multiple exposure” technique. This was my longest and, I think, most effective exposure of the series; that is, my ghostly images are the most apparent in this exposure.

How did I do it? I set the camera to its lowest ISO speed and its smallest aperture. I put the camera on a tripod. I set the shooting mode to remote/timer and the shutter speed to bulb. I walked into frame, aimed my remote shutter control at the camera, pressed the button to start a bulb exposure, and held a position for 30-45 seconds, then quickly moved to another position and held that for another 30-45 seconds, then pressed the button on my remote to close the shutter.

It was fun being creative. It reminded me of an improvisational acting class.






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