Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles

Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles
Originally uploaded by danielgreene.

Erneesha & Antwanelle flanking Trey (back to camera). And Antwanelle (frame right) knows some ASL!

These girls were so sweet and so smart. Between them and the boys who came to wait on us, we couldn’t have possibly asked for better service (I say “girls” and “boys” because they were all so young– teenagers, even). They were totally hip to the Sidekick and Flickr; in fact, they both have Sidekicks (they said practically everyone in the restaurant had one) and one of them told me she was on PhotoBucket. Right after I took the picture, and they saw me thumbing away at the keyboard, they said, “So, you putting that on Flickr now?” At the end of the night, I said, “Miracle of modern technology; you’re already on Flickr,” and I brought Flickr up for them on the Sidekick’s Web browser. They said, “Yeah, we know! We’re college students.” It’s great to meet people who “get” the whole techie world I live in. Thanks, Erneesha, Trey, and Antwanelle for being such good sports and posing for this photo!

In case you can’t read the back of Trey’s t-shirt, the restaurant’s address is 10 W Yuma St, Phoenix AZ 85003 (just west of Central Ave 2 blocks south of Buckeye) and their phone number is 602-340-1304. I’m not sure if their website is up and running, though.

P.S. I found Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles through a Google search for “soul food” in Phoenix.





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