100,000 Views on Flickr

100,000 Views on Flickr
Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene.

I knew this day was coming for the past month or so, so I prepared. I deleted about 1,500 photos that didn’t get many views and probably weren’t very interesting to people. In the process of revising them, I learned that people like photos that tell a story right from the thumbnail and that reward them with satisfaction for clicking on the thumbnail to view the photo because they are special, unique, beautiful, exciting, strange, or otherwise intriguing. I also learned not to post so many versions of the same thing. Usually one is enough. If I’m down to two photos of something now, I force myself to pick one.

Since I have over 5,000 photos, I have created a Collection that I call my Portfolio to give you a look at other Flickrites’ favorites and mine; this Collection contains three sets with 36 images each in the three main types of photograph: Portrait, Landscape, and Still Life. I might play around with the categories in the future, but I plan to keep this set at the top of my home page and rotate photos in and out of it, never exceeding around 100 (or 108, as the case is now).

I appreciate your views. Your views, comments, and faves have taught me a lot about what people want to see. I will still take photos for myself, but now I have a better sense of what interests others.

Since I joined Flickr in August 2006, I have enjoyed meeting people both in my own region and all over the world. Worldwide members of Flickr who have shown me the world through their eyes. Thank you for taking the time to see the world through my eyes.






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