Library –> Geotagged with the G1!

Library –>
Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene

Why buy books when you can borrow? I love my public library!

I took this photo on my new T-Mobile G1 with Google. It automatically geotagged it before I emailed it to Flickr. For those who are wondering how to geotag photos with the G1, I’ll explain– and then you’ll see how easy it is!

When you go to the Camera app, hit the Menu button before you take a shot. Select Settings, and then select “Store location in pictures.” This setting will stick until you change it again.

For even greater accuracy; i.e. to pin your location down to Street level, go to the Home screen and pull up Apps; then select the Settings icon. Then select Security & location. Then select Enable GPS satellites and make sure it’s checked. Deselecting it will conserve battery power, but only when you’re using Maps or an app that uses Maps, such as Camera if you selected “Store location in pictures.” You can always deselect it if you want to save battery power and/or don’t care for pinpoint accuracy.

I love how effortless it is to take and share geotagged photos with the G1, and I am fully satisfied with its accuracy. My husband and I are going to the Mediterranean for two weeks, and while we’re there, I will take geotagged photos with the G1 in Airplane mode (because the GPS works even when wireless services are turned off), and when I find free WiFi hotspots, I’ll moblog them to our family website,

And when we get back home, I can’t wait to borrow another great book from the library!






5 responses to “Library –> Geotagged with the G1!”

  1. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Tyler, did you follow the step that reads "When you go to the Camera app, hit the Menu button before you take a shot. Select Settings, and then select “Store location in pictures"?


  2. Tyler Avatar

    Followed you're steps but the pictures I take never show location on Flickr or Picasa. None of the metadata has Latitude or Longitude. Made sure GPS was working in maps. Tried for 3 days. Any thoughts?


  3. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Sorry I never responded here, Matt, but I think I may have told you via e-mail that I liked it. Anyway, yeah, I like it! And I know from the last time I saw you that you got one and like it too.


  4. Übermind Avatar

    Hey all,I just wanted to chime in on your discussion about geotagging your images…We are testing Maperture Pro BETA currently which allows you to visually geotag your images, import tracklog data from a GPS device, reverse geocode location information, save location bookmarks, copy & paste location information as well as several others. If you are interested in testing it out and providing feedback…Go to, take it for a spin, and tell us what you think.Thanks!


  5. Matt Avatar

    Hey Daniel,How do you like the rest of the G1? I gather that you were pretty involved with your sidekick, so I think it's interesting that you switched. I'm *close* to going to pick one up :-/.Matt


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