I’m a lensbaby baby!

I’m now a lensbaby baby!
Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene

I went to the Imaging USA Expo and was entranced by the Lensbaby booth. I liked everything they showed me. I was impressed by the ladies’ personability, professionalism, and product knowledge. They didn’t have to hard sell; they wowed me by simply by showing me the products, letting me touch and use them, and answering all my questions. Their booth had a style I found to be uncluttered and artistic. I splurged and bought "The Whole Enchilada" — the Composer, the Optic Kit, and the Accessory Kit — all for $419.95, tax included. Once I decided I what I wanted, they presented it to me in a black canvas tote bag, and when they ran my credit card, they didn’t even even require my signature. It was like shopping at Starbucks, but faster.

And, no, I don’t work for Lensbaby. I just like good retailers and wanted to praise Lensbaby with a positive review. Plus, I’m writing to share my excitement and say, "look for a whole new kind of photos from me. I got a Lensbaby, baby!" Yee-hah!





One response to “I’m a lensbaby baby!”

  1. Matt Avatar

    Cool, Daniel! I look forward to your photos with it :-).


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