What is Septopus?

Septopus came into my awareness as a weird word a coworker would use whenever he got bored at work. If a call came in and he was saying, “one moment while I connect you to…” and the caller hung up, he would say, “Septopus.” The more bored I got at work, the more I began to imagine who this Septopus was. Another coworker and I started making up things about Septopus with the coworker who started talking about him. With my love for advertising, I started creating mock ad campaign spots such as, “When you’ve got your hands full, an eighth tentacle is just one more thing to worry about. Simplify your life– with Septopus!” My friends and I would laugh hysterically, which is just what we needed to lift our spirits.

It was at this same time that I joined the social short messaging website Twitter. So I figured, “Why just send silly Septopus IMs to my friends at work when I could intrigue Earthlings everywhere?” So I started putting my IMs to coworkers into my Twitter “tweets” as well.

Little did I know until I Googled it that there actually was an episode of Home Movies called “The Septopus!” When I pointed this out to my coworker who had started the whole thing, he confessed that he loved that episode and hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Septopus since he first watched it.

So, if you see me tweeting about Septopus (with the hashtag #Septopus), you’ll know what I’m doing– just having fun, breaking up monotony, and honing my copywriting skills. If you like Septopus, feel free to tweet about him with the hashtag #Septopus. Who knows? Maybe a worldwide chorus will sing his praises!






2 responses to “What is Septopus?”

  1. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Thanks, Adam. There's a link in my original post to a Home Movies clip. Do you have a link to the one with the song?


  2. Adam Avatar

    Septopus is a song/character from the best cartoon ever!!! Adultswim's "Home Movies"


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