Twitter Updates for 2009-03-07

  • Just finished watching Ugly Betty in Streaming HD on my 20″ iMac. Looks better than it does on the 720p TV! But the sofa’s more comfortable. #
  • What?? My Wii Fitness age is 55?? Well, since I just started playing Wii the other night and this was my first test, I won’t feel too bad. #
  • @zappos @ev (sorry not @ed) Tell ’em I’m tired of bank CEOs absconding with millions of taxpayer $$ while the common people suffer. Reform! #
  • @zappos @ed Tell ’em if I cared about American cars, I would have bought one. Evolve or perish! in reply to zappos #
  • @calitrano I use Google Latitude and update my location often. I wish more people I know would use it too. #
  • @cynica I’m at work, but I’d love to have Chipotle right now. #
  • @mrtweet So, how does this thing work. Are you a solely nocturnal owl? Has anyone received any recommendations today? I heard good things. #
  • @cynica Have a barbacoa burrito bowl for me, and be sure to add the guacamole and lettuce, regardless of the upcharge! 😀 in reply to cynica #
  • Ah, okay, I found @etoile whom I also found a few years ago when I was looking for ASL interpreters / bloggers. We have @calitrano in common #
  • Found another ASL interpreter, @bobilu, through Twitter Search. Hm… finding only three ASL interpreters… I’ll try other search terms. #
  • @mrtweet Is the Doctor in today? I followed Mr. Tweet last Friday so I’m hoping for some neat suggestions for Follow Friday today. Who? Who? #

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