Twitter Updates for 2009-03-08

  • My Wii fitness age is 78 and my husband’s is 67. I always knew we’d grow old together. 🙂 #
  • I’m at a gay Purim party. It’s not Purim until Tuesday, but you know these gay boys– any excuse to dress in drag! #
  • I’m loving the Photographs of Linda Connor exhibit! It ends tomorrow along with Arts & Flowers. #phxart #
  • Andy & I are heading out to the Phoenix Art Museum for Arts & Flowers, where flowers imitate art. This weekend only. Quick before they wilt! #
  • @sc0rn I may just have to write a blog post on why I’m using Twitter Tools to automatically post a daily digest of my tweets on my blog! 😀 in reply to sc0rn #
  • Anyone want to join me & Andy for Arts & Flowers at the Phoenix Art Museum this afternoon? #
  • My husband & I are stimulating the economy by paying our yard guys to trim our trees. If you have money, spend it! #consumerspending #
  • I had the Twitter Tools WordPress plugin automatically publish a digest of my day’s tweets on my blog. Sweet! #

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