Why I’m posting daily Twitter digests on my blog

Since someone asked me why I was bothering to use Twitter Tools to automatically post daily digests of my Twitter updates to my blog, I’m writing a blog post to explain.

I like the daily digest of updates for the following reasons:

  • My updates are my writings (sometimes even haiku), and I want them on my blog.
  • It gives people another way to follow me on my blog rather than having to look elsewhere.
  • If by any chance Twitter turns out to be a fad, I will have a record of my Twitter updates on my blog, which has been around since 1996 and I hope will be around at least another 13 years.
  • I carefully craft my @replies to be entertaining and/or informative to a global audience; otherwise, I send direct messages. Thus, I’m not worried about littering my blog with meaningless drivel.
  • Twitter is microblogging, so what better place for it than my blog?
  • If people see one day of my Twitter updates, they may like what they see and consider following me

Author: Daniel Greene

I facilitate communication between Deaf and hearing people, and I teach people American Sign Language (ASL) and interpreting. Apart from doing the work I love, my greatest joys are family & friends, entertainment, food, photography, and travel.

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