Vague Language Facial Expression

I could really use your help to find one word — and it has to be a NOUN — for this facial expression people use in both English and ASL (American Sign Language) when they’re using Vague Language (VL). Maybe my facial expression / noun pairs will help you. Now maybe you can help me… thanks!






9 responses to “Vague Language Facial Expression”

  1. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Thanks, brentser, for the heads-up. I think I fixed the problem so the CC should appear. =)


  2. brenster- Avatar

    Deafie- No way any hearing persons be representative of Deaf community! Nope! They can only be part of the community via connections (family, work, friends, etc).

    Daniel, btw, there’s no cc on your video in this post, but if Deaf people want to view your video, they would have to double click your video to go to your youtube to view the video with cc. just FYI.


  3. I Don’t Represent the Deaf Community « Daniel Greene’s Blog-o-rama Avatar

    […] was criticized by a deaf person for posting a one-minute long closed-captioned spoken video on YouTube the other day. The deaf […]


  4. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Thanks for your responses. I agree that “indifference”, “uh-huh”, “eh”, “apathetic”, and “nonchalance” are all words that could be used to describe the facial expression in question. I would add to that “noncommittal.” But what I am really looking for is a single noun/verb such as smile, frown, wince, grimace, pout, smirk, and sneer. It’s too bad there’s not a single “mot juste” for that mouth. I suppose the closest two-word description is “pursed lips.”

    Someone’s always disappointed, Deafie. Some are disappointed if I don’t speak, others are disappointed if I don’t sign, still others are disappointed if I speak and sign at the same time. I didn’t create this video for deaf people only; I created it for the broader YouTube audience, including hearing linguists. I may be an ASL interpreter, but I am still a hearing person, and I don’t intend to represent the deaf community. I think I can leave that to the Deaf. (Gosh, even if I were deaf, I wouldn’t dare to represent the deaf community!) I used English in this video because it is my native language. At least I have taken the pains to closed-caption every talking video I published on YouTube, which is more than can be said for most people.


  5. Sing Language Avatar

    Hey nice post!
    It is really interesting and I am almost lost in it..
    I like your tips and I do agree with you


  6. Alma Avatar

    Depending on the subject matter, I’d say apathetic or nonchalance would be accurate.


  7. Deafie Avatar

    Since you’re interpreter, I am disappointed you didn’t use ASL when vlogging. You’re representing deaf community and should be using ASL. I am not attacking you at all. I am just stating my opinion. Is there something wrong that you don’t sign when vlogging? Educate me if you care.


  8. Joseph Pietro Riolo Avatar
    Joseph Pietro Riolo



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