Adventures in Grocery Shopping

Adventures in Grocery Shopping
Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene

Halva floss, yogurt soda, and sesame bread sticks from Aziz Market. We’re pretty adventurous eaters at the Smithers–Greene.

Review? The halva floss tasted good, but I thought halva necessarily meant made with tahini (sesame butter) as many “halvas” are. Now I guess it just means candy. The yogurt soda was unique– pungent, goaty, and tart. Very strong flavor that would probably go best with Greek or Middle Eastern food. The sesame sticks are, well, less sweet than your typical breadsticks. They are heavily coated with sesame seeds which gives them a slightly bitter taste. Good though.







2 responses to “Adventures in Grocery Shopping”

  1. carlos benjamin Avatar

    Dang it! No wonder I’ve had to have so much dental work. My Dentist told me to floss after every meal and now I find out I’ve just been eating candy?


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