Andy & I celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary simply

Andy & I celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary simply
Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene

We didn’t go out to a fine French restaurant or the Compass Room with its 360º view of the Valley. No. This year we just got Pizza Hut stuffed crust pepperoni pizza and chicken wings. We watched Bounty Hunter which, little did we know, ended with the phrase “Happy anniversary, darling.” And we took a walk around the neighborhood. A nice simple afternoon / evening together.






2 responses to “Andy & I celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary simply”

  1. Philip Avatar

    Happy Anniversary, guys! 😉


  2. Andy Avatar

    Well I am blessed that we can just enjoy simple things that life offer us. Pizza and wings were great. The conversation on our walk was so sweet and heart felt. I love my husband more than ever today and I can’t wait for tomorrow.


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