On cuddling both women and men

I have cuddled with both men and women— not yet with people of other genders, though I would be happy to do so.

There are a couple of professional woman cuddlers who have held me and touched me in ways that released tears— sobs, even! I would be willing to cry with another guy, but for some reason that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe there was something motherly and healing about those women that helped me feel I could open up. I have also enjoyed the way some women I’ve cuddled with have boosted my ego, asking me questions that elicit my best feelings about myself and praising me for what they see as the best in me. I suppose a man could do that for me too, and I suppose some have done that in one way or another, but for some reason the feeling was more pronounced with women. I would also say that with women I had this odd sense of chivalry just for being a good guy, respecting them, and not trying anything non-platonic with them. Maybe it’s because I have been brought up a certain way in the world we live in, but I take it upon myself to be extra careful with women so they feel safe and comfortable. I don’t feel quite as much “walking on eggshells” with men, though I am cautious with men who have not cuddled with many (or any) men before so that they feel that their self-image is intact and they don’t feel I am threatening them or asking them to do anything they’re not comfortable with. I must say I have had some surprisingly tender and intimate cuddles with men, including men who identify as straight, and this has been mind-blowing and deeply healing. I have also enjoyed giving my masculine energy and strength free rein to wrap another man in tight, intense bear hugs, and it has felt great to have another man squeeze me back just as hard. It’s like “Grrrrreat!” masculine energy exchange! 💪🐯

I am so glad that I have opened myself up to cuddling with people of all genders, and I highly recommend it!





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