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  • I’m a Cuddlist-certified professional cuddler (ASL video)

    I’m a Cuddlist-certified professional cuddler (ASL video)

    This is an ASL version of my announcement of becoming a Cuddlist-certified professional cuddler. For now, I am not adding voiceover or captions because it is aimed at users of ASL, especially those in the Deaf community who may have known me for many years and may be wondering about my latest blog announcement.

  • Interactive therapeutic touch practitioner

    Interactive therapeutic touch practitioner

    I’m toying with the job title “Interactive Therapeutic Touch Practitioner” as an alterative to “Professional Cuddler,” and I’m curious to know what people think about it.

  • Earned my Professional Cuddler Certificate!

    Earned my Professional Cuddler Certificate!

    After completing my Cuddlist training online in May, I flew to Denver, Colorado to have an approval session in July, which involved a mock Cuddlist client screening and cuddle session. My evaluator, Kassandra Brown, played the role of a client and challenged my ability to spot potential incompatibilities, sensitivities, and pushing of boundaries. She evaluated […]

  • Added the domain

    Added the domain

    I just purchased the domain name and mapped it to this website to attract folks to what I have offer as a professional cuddler. This will give cuddle clients a chance to learn about me from what I have written on this website over the decades as well as what I will be adding […]

  • I’m now a trained professional cuddler!

    I’m now a trained professional cuddler!

    I completed a professional training program and earned my Cuddlist Trained certificate. You can now book a cuddle with me via my profile on! #cuddling