Interactive therapeutic touch practitioner

I’ve been thinking of various job titles for what I do as a professional cuddler. I have seen many others call themselves therapeutic touch practitioners, and that is what we are, but so are massage therapists and others who practice various tactile modalities. What sets professional cuddlers apart is that we invite our clients to touch us platonically as well as to be touched by us platonically. That’s why I like putting the word interactive in the job title.

Personally, I would love to just tell everyone I’m a professional cuddler — I mean, there you go, I just did — but I understand that a lot of people think of the word cuddle as something not professional, or they don’t see the therapeutic value of it. That’s why I’m thinking of other ways to tell people what I do in this profession.

What do you think? If you are a professional cuddler, does the job title interactive therapeutic touch practitioner resonate with you? If you are not a professional cuddler, how does the job title strike you?





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