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  • Singing “I Concentrate on You”

    This is me singing Cole Porter’s song “I Concentrate on You.” I used YouTube’s “Captions and Subtitles” feature to upload a subtitle file. I hand-coded the subtitle file in BBEdit using the subtitle (.sub) format. To view the video with captions, click the up-arrow button on the bottom-right corner of the screen and choose CC, […]

  • Preparing to interpret The Merchant of Venice

    Listening to a read-thru of The Merchant of Venice in preparation of ASL interpreting the matinee on Saturday, April 18 for @swshakespeare. — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) March 24, 2009 Reading interesting clues into the characters of The Merchant of Venice: — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) March 24, 2009 Looking at a side-by-side comparison of Shakespeare's […]

  • Radames & Aïda in Act III of Aïda

    Radames & Aïda in Act III of Aïda Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene Drew Slatton & Marie-Adele McArthur in a scene from Act III of Aïda. I am in the male chorus of Phoenix Opera’s production of Aïda at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. I got permission to take photos of the show […]

  • Sitzprobe at the Orpheum Theatre

    Sitzprobe at the Orpheum Theatre Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene First rehearsal with the orchestra for Aida, which opens this Friday night ( get tix from ). Also my first time on the stage of an Orpheum Theatre. My grandmother, Audrey Arent performed here as Linda Preston in the late days of vaudeville. Who […]

  • Singing & signing “Some Children See Him”

    I sing this Christmas song and simultaneously express it in signs from ASL (American Sign Language).