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  • Daniel shakes his maracas

    Here’s my husband being himself in public… again.

  • Shakespeare or Bust

    Shakespeare or Bust Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene I’ll be interpreting the Southwest Shakespeare Company‘s production of Richard III this Saturday at the Mesa Arts Center. I have listened to the readthru umpteen times, rented the movie with Ian McKellan, spent hours translating the Elizabethan English into ASL, seen the show four times and practiced […]

  • Singing “Music Music Music!”

    This song, which I remember from a record my mom gave me when I was a little kid, is called Music! Music! Music! It was written in 1949 by Stephen Brewer and Bernie Baum, and it was popularized in the same year by singer Teresa Brewer.

  • Beautiful Jerome (I sing thy praises!)

    I think I got high on the thin air up at the mile-high altitude of Jerome, Arizona. There I was, taking a video of the beautiful panorama around me, when the beauty of Nature inspired me to sing! Ah-ha! Oo-hoo! Ha ha!

  • Singing “Lucky To Be Me”

    Sums up how I feel about meeting my life partner, Andy, almost five years before the day I recorded this. From the Broadway musical On The Town, music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Betty Comden & Adolph Green. I posted this almost a year ago on our family blog via Flickr (no closed-captions), and at […]