Category: Entertainment

  • Singing Cockeyed Optimist

    Here I am singing one of my favorite songs– a song I live by!

  • Love Song for Husband on YouTube

    In commemoration of our two-year wedding anniversary, I published a video of myself singing a song I wrote for Andy last Valentine’s Day. (I put this on YouTube on our anniversary, August 8, but I’m just getting around to blogging about it here now.)

  • Voiceover Workshop with Nick Omana

    Working at the Mic Today, I took a voiceover workshop with Nick Omana. I got a lot of time at the mic because it was a small class. Nick taught us about vocal “colors”– an interesting approach to character work using color symbolism as a frame of reference. We practiced approaching the same copy with […]

  • My Experience in the Performing Arts

    The performing artist side of me Background I was born into a family that appreciated the arts, and I got an early start at singing. My first role was Jerome in South Pacific at Camp Saskatchewan in the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York when I was eight years old. When my family moved from […]

  • Singing with ABBA

    I sang in a children’s chorus with ABBA when they performed a concert at the San Diego Sports Arena in 1978. It was the Year of the Child, and they were getting children’s choruses to come up and sing “I Believe in Angels” with them in every concert they performed on their world tour. I […]