Category: Entertainment

  • Sang “Santa Fe” Solo at Recital Last Night

    I performed this solo during a Phoenix College Music Department recital last night. I’ve been working on this song with my singing teacher, Dan Hooper, who accompanied me on piano.

  • Singing Cockeyed Optimist

    Here I am singing one of my favorite songs– a song I live by!

  • Love Song for Husband on YouTube

    In commemoration of our two-year wedding anniversary, I published a video of myself singing a song I wrote for Andy last Valentine’s Day. (I put this on YouTube on our anniversary, August 8, but I’m just getting around to blogging about it here now.)

  • Voiceover Workshop with Nick Omana

    Working at the Mic Today, I took a voiceover workshop with Nick Omana. I got a lot of time at the mic because it was a small class. Nick taught us about vocal “colors”– an interesting approach to character work using color symbolism as a frame of reference. We practiced approaching the same copy with […]

  • My Experience in the Performing Arts

    The performing artist side of me Background I was born into a family that appreciated the arts, and I got an early start at singing. My first role was Jerome in South Pacific at Camp Saskatchewan in the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York when I was eight years old. When my family moved from […]