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  • 2016 Review and 2017 Preview

    I know the end of January is later than years-in-review usually come out, but since I have not blogged in a long, long time, I thought it best to share what I’ve been doing all this time and what I plan to do this year. One thing I have spent a lot of time on […]

  • Teaching ASL-to-English & Vocal Technique Workshop in Fargo-Moorhead

    I’m happy to be here in Fargo-Moorhead teaching an ASL-to-English interpreting & vocal technique workshop today.

  • Gratitude for work

    I’m thankful for the people I work with and for, and the pleasure of the work itself, for they make me forget the stresses of my busy week. It’s lovely how it all just goes away when I’m in the moment.

  • Paul & Tina’s Signalong: Haters gonna hate

    Paul & Tina’s Signalong: Haters gonna hate

    I am not as offended or concerned about Paul & Tina’s Signalong as some people are. I think exposure to ASL can be a good thing, regardless of who’s signing. If Deaf signers want to be offended by Paul & Tina, and educate them about their language and culture, that is their job. It’s not ASL/English interpreters’ job to be offended for Deaf people.

  • Encountering bigotry on interpreting jobs

    The people I interpret for display bigotry toward each other occasionally, but the worst bigotry I have encountered has had nothing to do with the cultures and languages I was mediating, and instead has been a kind of “environmental” bigotry I just could not stand.