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  • Struggling to manage my use of the Internet

    I have struggled to manage my time on the Internet ever since I first got online in 1995. I hesitate to say that I have an Internet addiction, because I don’t like all the baggage that comes with the term “addiction,” but I will say that there are times I spend too many hours on […]

  • What I’m up to these days. Just a wee bit busy!

    I crave excitement and I have a need to achieve. Sometimes, though, it seems that all my projects overlap and the pressure feels crushing. One way that I handle the pressure is to avoid it, which in turn makes the pressure even worse by the time I get back to work on what I’ve been […]

  • Steph tributes Daniel Greene

    Steph tributes Daniel Greene Originally uploaded by Glyph Hunter My friend Robert, who took this photo of his daughter after a self-portrait of mine, writes: I’ve wanted to take this pic for a long time. I saw Daniel’s pic and thought to myself “I have one of those whistles somewhere around the house.” My daughter […]

  • I thought I was a social outcast. Then I came to my senses.

    This evening I had a brief bout of self-doubt, a fear of social ostracism. It began when I considered going to #evfn (East Valley Friday Nights), a Twitter gathering or “Tweetup” organized on Twitter and taking place, this night, in Chandler. Mind you, Chandler is pretty far from my home in Phoenix, and just last […]

  • Chain3d

    Chained to the Sea Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene Just as a boat is chained to the sea, sometimes I feel chained to Flickr. I am now going through the 420 photos I took during the six days of my trip. Four hundred and twenty photos that all came out well. Yes, there are some […]