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  • Discovered blog by Deaf ASL teacher & interpreter trainer

    Today, via DeafRead, I discovered the blog of a like-minded ASL linguist and educator. The blog is called “[My Opinion Here].” Check it out!

  • Bimodal interpreters, not just sign language interpreters

    Sign language interpreters are spoken language interpreters too To talk about our work, it helps to have efficient terms that accurately define it. Typically, we ASL/English interpreters call ourselves “sign language interpreters,” while we call (for example) Spanish/English interpreters “spoken language interpreters.” Yet signed language is only half our language pair; the other half is spoken language; therefore, […]

  • Why there is no “Google Gesture” sign-to-speech translator

    Aside from the irresponsible journalism that propagated this story in the first place, the basis for the concept is fundamentally flawed. There cannot be such thing as a wristband a signer can wear that will translate their signed language into spoken language; why? Because signed language is not just on the hands! Signed language is […]

  • Unicode: What the world needs now is love

    Last week, a Deaf friend of mine made a good point about Unicode adding a “raised middle finger” symbol to the new standard: “They still need an ASL ILY emoji.” Right she is! If you can flip someone the bird, you should be able to say “I love you” too. Perhaps submitting a character proposal to […]

  • Three lessons this interpreter is learning from teaching ASL

    1. It takes patience and creativity to sign with people who know little sign language. I have a new respect for Deaf people who take the time to sign with ASL students. Having more respect for Deaf people and more creativity in how I express myself is making me a better Deaf community member. 2. […]