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  • More about introducing oneself as an interpreter

    Another need to introduce myself as an interpreter came up recently: a little CODA asked me what I was doing while I was interpreting for their parent. I forgot that little bilingual children might not understand that their parent speaks a different language, much less that they need an interpreter. The more aware I become […]

  • The stigma of “signer” upon ASL-English interpreters

    Doctor to patient: “Hi, I’m Dr. Y.” Doctor to me: “Oh, the patient’s deaf! So this isn’t interpreting; you’re a signer.” Meanwhile, I’m interpreting. It seems there’s a stigma that an interpreter who works between a spoken language and a signed language is a “signer” while an interpreter who works between two spoken languages is […]

  • When a Deaf person says someone dear to them is “Deaf!”

    Just thought of a cultural interpretation for a Deaf client who says someone dear to them is “Deaf!”: “S/he’s Deaf like me. We identify with each other.”

  • SEE: Allow me to disabuse you of a common misnomer

    From the way I’ve seen people use the term SEE in recent years, I don’t think they know what they’re talking about. I want to dispel the notion that SEE is any and every form of English-like American Sign Language (ASL). English-like ASL goes by many names — contact language, contact variety signing (CVS), conceptually […]

  • Silent Weekend via Western Region Interpreter Education Center

    Two weeks to Silent Weekend at Western Oregon University, and it’s not too late to register! I’m not presenting this time, but some of my MAIS cohort are, so take advantage of fresh scholarship! Annual Silent Weekend The Western Region Interpreter Education Center and Western Oregon University are co-hosting the fourth annual Silent Weekend immersion […]