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  • Unanswered questions I’ve posted on Twitter

    I’ve posted some tweets lately with questions to the interpreting profession, but I’ve seen no replies. Maybe you can change that — reply to these tweets or leave a comment here. https://twitter.com/#!/TerpTrans/status/195039924087558144 https://twitter.com/#!/TerpTrans/status/197768904385376257 Oh, and another one just for fun (although I do take grammar very seriously). 😉 Quiz: How do these differ in meaning? […]

  • Straight Talk for Customer Service Reps

    Heads up, customer service representatives! The way you talk to me is bugging me. Here are some of the phrases I could do without: “With whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with?” You say ‘with’ at the beginning of the sentence or at the end, not both. Better yet, don’t say this prissy […]

  • Happy twenty-ten! (Not two-thousand-ten.)

    Why do I hear people saying “two-thousand-ten” or worse “two-thousand-and-ten”? How laborious is that! People, there’s a reason Prince didn’t sing “Tonight we are going to party as if it were nineteen-hundred-and-ninety-nine”! He sang “Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s nineteen-ninety-nine” because brevity is vernacular. Sure, it was fine to say “two-thousand.” No problem. I […]

  • Vague Language Facial Expression

    I could really use your help to find one word — and it has to be a NOUN — for this facial expression people use in both English and ASL (American Sign Language) when they’re using Vague Language (VL). Maybe my facial expression / noun pairs will help you. Now maybe you can help me… […]

  • Hyperlinks Weave the Web

    Hyperlinks Weave the Web Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene. There would be no World Wide Web without hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are what allow us to add photos to web pages, link from one page to another, etc. These days, much of this hyperlinking is done for us automatically on sites such as Flickr. But Flickr also […]