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  • Do conference interpreters make more than medical interpreters?

    The ADA may account for the equal pay ASL/English interpreters earn for conference & medical interpreting vs. the disparity Spanish/English interpreters earn.

  • I remember a time before… yet where are we now?

    I am not a man who is shocked at all this “newfangled technology.” I’m a boy who grew up expecting a world bigger, better, greater, and more peaceful than what we have now.

  • The Dark Knight Rises — Has the dark night already fallen?

    The Dark Knight Rises — Has the dark night already fallen?

    I finally went to see The Dark Knight Rises yesterday, and I sat there in the theatre wondering if the dark night had already fallen. First of all, I couldn’t watch any of the mass-shooting scenes in the movie without thinking of the mass-murderer who stomped into the theatre that first weekend with machine guns, […]

  • Sexting revisited

    I just saw a video of Dan Savage’s thoughts on sexting, and it reminded me of my blog post on sexting that was published in a book on the subject. One funny thing that has come up since then is the Anthony Weiner (not Wiener) sexting story, in which — contrary to Savage’s forecast — there is […]

  • An ethical legacy from Katherine Dreier

    Katherine Dreier, co-founder with Marcel Duchamp of the Société Anonyme, knew my great-grandmother Ruth Seely Preston and Ruth’s mother, Charlotte Seely. I inherited a letter from Katherine Dreier to Ruth Seely in which Dreier writes to the census bureau because Ruth had no birth certificate. Read more→