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  • Interview from 2004: 30 Years of Pride

    The Groovy Like A Movie studio came to the Wedding Expo at the Center in San Diego to interview people for a project called 30 Years of Pride on May 17, 2004, and I was one of the people they interviewed that night. The studio gave me permission to share this on YouTube, and since […]

  • Organizer’s attitude toward deaf, interpreters defeats her

    The blog post “How Trying to Provide Deaf Interpreters for a Camp Bit Me in the Ass” paints the conference organizer as the victim, but I’m afraid it was her attitude toward interpreters and the deaf that defeated her, and it is the interpreting profession and deaf consumers that stand to lose by her misrepresentation. […]

  • I sing “My Satin Doll” as “My Latin Doll”— and I’ll tell you why.

    (Anyone who wants to skip to the singing can jump to 2:30.) You may have heard the jazz standard “My Satin Doll” written by Johnny Mercer, Duke Ellington, and Billy Strayhorn. Well, I learned that song when I was in high school and I attended the Fullerton Jazz Festival music contest— singing contest. It was […]

  • Why are there nearly identical fonts?

    I learned from the movie Helvetica that the reason Arial is nearly identical to Helvetica is that Microsoft didn’t want to pay license fees to distribute the Helvetica font so they hired Monotype to modify Linotype’s Helvetica slightly. They just made sure to keep the same font metrics so that a document written in Helvetica […]

  • Sitzprobe at the Orpheum Theatre

    Sitzprobe at the Orpheum Theatre Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene First rehearsal with the orchestra for Aida, which opens this Friday night ( get tix from phoenixopera.org ). Also my first time on the stage of an Orpheum Theatre. My grandmother, Audrey Arent performed here as Linda Preston in the late days of vaudeville. Who […]