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  • Paul & Tina’s Signalong: Haters gonna hate

    Paul & Tina’s Signalong: Haters gonna hate

    I am not as offended or concerned about Paul & Tina’s Signalong as some people are. I think exposure to ASL can be a good thing, regardless of who’s signing. If Deaf signers want to be offended by Paul & Tina, and educate them about their language and culture, that is their job. It’s not ASL/English interpreters’ job to be offended for Deaf people.

  • Encountering bigotry on interpreting jobs

    The people I interpret for display bigotry toward each other occasionally, but the worst bigotry I have encountered has had nothing to do with the cultures and languages I was mediating, and instead has been a kind of “environmental” bigotry I just could not stand.

  • Beheading is more humane than a botched lethal injection

    Another botched execution by lethal injection. 😦 The guillotine would be more humane!

  • Bimodal interpreters, not just sign language interpreters

    Sign language interpreters are spoken language interpreters too To talk about our work, it helps to have efficient terms that accurately define it. Typically, we ASL/English interpreters call ourselves “sign language interpreters,” while we call (for example) Spanish/English interpreters “spoken language interpreters.” Yet signed language is only half our language pair; the other half is spoken language; therefore, […]

  • Why there is no “Google Gesture” sign-to-speech translator

    Aside from the irresponsible journalism that propagated this story in the first place, the basis for the concept is fundamentally flawed. There cannot be such thing as a wristband a signer can wear that will translate their signed language into spoken language; why? Because signed language is not just on the hands! Signed language is […]