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  • GOP: Change or die

    Personally, I don’t care if the Republican party dies, but if they want to live, they need to not just “reach out” to people of color; they have to abolish their policies that oppress people of color. They need to not just “speak better” about their policies that infuriate people; they need to abolish those […]

  • Ever forget an assignment? Make it less likely with automatic agenda emails.

    I hate to admit it, but there have been those mortifying times when I’ve forgotten I had a job to get to. It’s easy to follow a schedule when it’s the same every day, but when you’re a community interpreter and your schedule changes every day, you might need a little help. Lately, some of […]

  • My thoughts on the opening ceremonies of the Olympics

    I loved the spoken word video montage that introduced the #Olympics. It was poetic, dignified, yet understated. These Isles of Wonder. — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) July 28, 2012 Call me old fashioned, but I dislike seeing Olympians parading with their phones & camcorders out. And some of the worst are US. #Olympics — Daniel Greene […]

  • Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion: Let’s do the time warp. Again.

    I was unpleasantly surprised when Apple took a step backward a few years ago with their skeuomorphic Address Book, Calendar, and Notes apps — the stitched leather bindings, the yellow ruled paper, the bits of paper in the cardboard binder where the pages were torn out, the handwriting fonts, etc. Now they’ve done it again […]

  • Interpreters beware of “SERVICE NEEDED !!!” scam

    In case you haven’t already seen it, the following email is going around. Gmail was wise enough to put them both in my spam folder. I will quote both so you can see how suspicious they are: Here is the first one: from: Engr Ivan Bruce bengrivan@gmail.com to: bcc: danieljamesgreene@gmail.com date: Fri, Jun 29, 2012 […]