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  • Why would Deaf people think interpreting is easy?

    I pose the question respectfully. I understand that not all Deaf people think interpreting is easy, but I know several Deaf people who never realized how hard interpreting was until they tried to do it themselves. Case in point, a Deaf colleague of mine recently wrote: I remember attending a CDI [Certified Deaf Interpreter] workshop with […]

  • You can now adjust the closed-captions on my YouTube vlogs

    Announced today: YouTube’s enhancements to closed-captioning. I’m glad to hear this! I am a longtime supporter of closed-captioning. I posted my first closed-captioned video on Google Video just after they implemented closed-captioning in 2006. Now YouTube has implemented CC settings that allow viewers to adjust the font, size, color, and background of captions. Even better, […]

  • Participated in an ASL Hangout on Air on Google+

    I just realized I never blogged this! Did this last month on Google+ to help them test their Hangout On Air technology with other people using sign language.

  • Where are the sign language interpreter blogs today?

    I began writing this website in 1996, and when I turned it into a blog in 2006 I searched the blogosphere and I found some other ASL interpreter blogs. Back then, two of the four blogs I found were inactive, and since then, the other two have become inactive. Today, things are different. While I […]

  • Update on my thesis on VL in ASL

    I am working on my master’s thesis on vague language (VL) in American Sign Language (ASL). As far as I know, not much has been published about vagueness in ASL and nothing has been published about “VL” in ASL aside from my article in the RID Views. For my thesis, I’m doing a literature review […]