Update on my thesis on VL in ASL

I am working on my master’s thesis on vague language (VL) in American Sign Language (ASL). As far as I know, not much has been published about vagueness in ASL and nothing has been published about “VL” in ASL aside from my article in the RID Views. For my thesis, I’m doing a literature review of what has been written about VL in world languages and vagueness in ASL— even if the topic of the publication wasn’t “vagueness” per se. After a review of the literature, I will contribute a description of at least one aspect VL in ASL. My goal is to help ASL-English interpreters recognize VL and interpret it faithfully to serve the communication goals of deaf and hearing consumers.

If you know of any literature about VL in ASL—or any type of vagueness in ASL—please leave a comment. Thanks!






2 responses to “Update on my thesis on VL in ASL”

  1. Beth Avatar

    Vagueness describes every conversation I have with my grandmother. Can you give an example?


    1. Daniel Greene Avatar

      “I don’t know if I can say for sure one way or another. If you’ll give me a little while longer, I think I can get back to you on that in the not-too-distant future.” 😉


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