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  • How to role shift using your body, not your feet

    How to role shift using your body, not your feet

    This video is geared toward sign language students who might make the mistake of thinking they have to move their feet when role shifting. I am a non-native signer of ASL; I recommend watching how native Deaf signers role shift if you get to see them head to toe.

  • Touching Amazon commercial in ASL

    Just saw — not heard, but saw — this TV commercial featuring a Deaf Amazon logistics associate. There’s no interpretation or voiceover, just his signing and captions. There is some background warehouse noise, but the relative silence focuses attention on this man who communicates without sound. I was really touched to see American Sign Language…

  • National Anthem wakeup

    National Anthem wakeup

    I woke myself up signing the National Anthem this morning. 🇺🇸🤟 Photo credit: Internet Archive Book Images on Flickr

  • Looking forward to meeting people at my poster session at CIT

    I recorded this video as a response to a researcher and interpreter trainer I met at the last Conference of Interpreter Trainers, but I’m posting it here because it applies to anyone who attends the conference next week in Charlotte, NC. I welcome everyone to come by my poster, ask me anything, challenge my research,…

  • Workshops in Minnesota: Promo videos in English & ASL

    I made these two videos to promote my workshops in Minneapolis/St. Paul November 9th & 10th. Friday night is Speak & Spell, a workshop on pronouncing and spelling foreign names and words. Saturday is Just What They Said: Interpreting Intentionally Vague Language. These workshops will be in English with ASL interpretation. Interpreters of all signed…