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  • WordPress.com photoblogging themes reviewed

    When searching for a theme for my photography blog, I tried many different themes. I will not review every photoblogging theme WordPress makes, but here are my thoughts on the ones I tried: AutoFocus is only good for posts with featured images, and even then the images are cropped in ways that make them unrecognizable. […]

  • Premium themes can get expensive!

      When you purchase a premium theme, it is available for the lifetime of that blog. If you would like to use the same theme across multiple blogs, you’ll have to purchase the theme for each blog. — WordPress.com Support: Themes: Premium Themes Ouch.  

  • Author bylines gone

    What is going on? Suddenly this Twenty Twelve theme I’m using is no longer showing my byline, even on the post page. Weird!

  • WordPress.com themes that display author bylines

    Update: This post is superseded by Blog 2014: Free WordPress themes that display bylines. Original Post: (You can skip to my findings if you like.) To get the best search results for your blog, you will want to verify authorship with Google. Google requires web pages to have bylines such as “By Daniel Greene” or […]

  • Why I split my eclectic blog into five specialized blogs

    For 16 years, I tried to combine my personal and professional lives into one blog (“website” for the first 10 years). I combined my various professions into that one blog, too. It got so broad and wide-ranging I called it Daniel Greene’s Blog-o-rama. Why did I do this? I figured I was a Renaissance man […]