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  • How I lost money trying to make money on this blog

    I tried to monetize this blog with ads, and it backfired. Here’s how. I used to earn about $100 a year in AdSense revenues on this blog when I self-hosted it. It took too many hours of my time to do manual updates, so I moved my blogs from WordPress.org to WordPress.com even though I knew […]

  • WordPress or Blogger— or Both?

    I am thinking of blogging more on Blogger to integrate it with my Google account. I’ve been using Google+ since before it went public, and I like the integration of other Google services I use; one of those services is AdSense, and I recently learned that I could earn money for original content I post […]

  • I love my new blog theme!

    I love my new blog theme! Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene I changed my WordPress blog, danielgreene.com, to the Mystique theme. I love it! It has this widget on the top with links to my RSS feed, Facebook Page, Twitter profile, Flickr photostream, and YouTube channel. It has a combo widget on the right that […]

  • The truth on interpreters for deaf at WordCamp Phoenix 2011

    I was “the interpreter” who offered to coordinate interpreters for WordCamp Phoenix 2011. I wish I could remain silent, but the blog post I’m responding to has been viewed almost 900 times already and has already been sanctioned by a famous deaf blogger who I believe would think otherwise if he read my side of […]

  • Organizer’s attitude toward deaf, interpreters defeats her

    The blog post “How Trying to Provide Deaf Interpreters for a Camp Bit Me in the Ass” paints the conference organizer as the victim, but I’m afraid it was her attitude toward interpreters and the deaf that defeated her, and it is the interpreting profession and deaf consumers that stand to lose by her misrepresentation. […]