Been Blogging for Over a Month Now

It seems that every time I get discouraged because no one is responding to my posts, I get a comment or an e-mail that reminds me I’m not just shouting in the dark. Well, I am shouting in the dark– but people are listening! Hmm… let me put that in a deaf-friendly way: I’m waving my hands over the abyss– but people are reading my signs from afar!

I checked my web site statistics, and my site has received an average of 1,592 hits per day. The site received the most hits — 2,371 — on August 29, the day I posted the video of myself singing Cockeyed Optimist on YouTube.

One thing I have found is that blogging can be very time consuming! Between this and my activities on Flickr and YouTube, as well as my reading of other blogs, I have been spending too much time on the Internet. I suppose I may as well admit now that I am powerless over the Internet and that my life has become unmanageable, as that is the first step to recovery! Honestly, I don’t know how other people manage it. I guess I’ll have to start scheduling limited amounts of time each day to get on the computer, sign on, do my surfing or uploading or reading or whatever, and sign off and be done with it. Plus, I have to schedule limited amounts of time for writing blog posts, moderating comments, creating vlogs or videos, taking photos, uploading photos to my computer and editing them, etc. It really has become too much. I look forward to finding moderation in this soon!






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  1. Daniel Greene Avatar

    You’re right, Jenna. I do a lot of my “blogging” on Flickr (adding long descriptions to photos and all that), and I should blog more of those onto my blog. I will.


  2. Jenna Avatar

    One reason to keep posting, even if you feel like no one’s paying attention… people like me stumble upon websites and then read to the beginning of the blog. 😉


  3. Daniel Greene Avatar


    Thanks for the information and suggestions. I’m sorry your comment didn’t show up right away; Akismet marked it as spam (I guess because you included two links in your comment), and I haven’t checked my Akismet spam since probably last Friday.

    Anyway, I’ll try the Google Analytics, but I wonder why WordPress doesn’t offer this service. They do have it in the Dashboard of their blogs (like my blog at, but they don’t have it in their “powered by WordPress” blogs that are hosted elsewhere. At least it doesn’t show up in my Dashboard!


  4. Tayler Avatar

    Aye! 🙂

    Although if someone’s got your RSS feed in their bloglines, the pageviews will artificially go up, because bloglines automatically checks your feed several times a day.

    Webalizer is a log analyzer, as is the general stats provided by the ISP, and there’s no way to bypass those when you want to look at raw pageviews.

    I use Google Analytics to address this problem. They give you this piece of code to insert into your blog’s header or footer and isn’t included in your RSS feed. Analytics accounts are free, and the data gathered is quite in depth.

    Since you’ve got a WordPress blog, here’s a plug-in to make code installation easier.


  5. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Good question, Tayler. The general stats my ISP, pair Networks, give me show the number of hits I mentioned above. However, when I took a look at the “Webalizer” report available in my Account Control Center, it gave me the following daily averages for September 2006:

    Hits: 1504, Files: 1208, Pages: 703, Visits: 270

    I guess that gives me a more accurate assessment! Thanks for prompting me to get more detailed statistics. Still, 270 daily visits including 703 pages a day is pretty good, ain’t it?


  6. Tayler Avatar

    Just a question, Daniel… are those hits in the layman sense, or in the strict sense?

    The reason I ask is because by strict interpretation, hits is the number of elements loaded with each page. A CSS file is an element, an image is another. So if you had one of each of those (CSS, image) you’d get 3 hits with a page load.

    Pageviews are a better measurement of traffic. What analytics program do you use on this blog?


  7. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Grant and Tayler,

    I probably should qualify that my site has received an average of 1,000 hits a day for many years now, and I’ll never know how much of that is due to people looking for Daniel Green Slippers or an action movie actor named Daniel Greene whom I had never heard of before I registered the domain in 1998.

    That said, I’m sure a lot of my site traffic also comprises readers of my “vintage” Web content such as my Style Sheets Demo Page and my Voicing with Valor articles.

    I guess one thing any writer must remember is that very few of your readers will respond with comments or letters, and when a writer does get a response from a reader, that one “thank you” may be representative of hundreds of other readers who appreciate your writing but are too busy or shy to say so.

    In any event, your two short but sweet comments warm the cockles of my heart! 🙂



  8. Tayler Avatar

    These are impressive numbers 🙂


  9. Grant W Laird Jr. Avatar

    You are doing fine, really 🙂


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