Thank you, Veterans!

Thank you, Veterans!
Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene.

Regardless of whether or not I approve of the current Administration or the current war, I still respect and thank our troops, both past and present, for their service to our country. The same goes to our allies.

I actually went to my college interpreting job this morning and didn’t realize until I saw the empty parking lot that there was no school today. I had forgotten it was Veterans Day. On the way home, I decided I had to do something to honor veterans. Taking and posting a photograph, writing and posting this short note– these are little things, but these little remembrances are better than nothing.

I would like to see a world without war, but in the meantime, I accept the reality of war and I take this moment to remember those who fight in wars– heck, even our enemies (especially the innocent bystanders who lose both lives and loved ones). May we all forgive and be forgiven, and may we please find a way to lasting peace!

Tech note: I used a Speedlight 430 EX to make the flag in the foreground (which was in the shade) stand out against the flag in the background (which was mostly in the sun).






One response to “Thank you, Veterans!”

  1. Kim Avatar

    Great thought-provoking post and awesome capture. As always.

    Hey, if you’ve got a sec, you’ve been tagged!

    Just for fun.


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