But wait– there’s more! Ads cover even more of buildings.

But wait– there’s more!
Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene

I posted a photo of this T-Mobile ad wrap on the Bank of America building the other day. Today, there’s even more to it– in fact it covers two sides of the building now. It looks like there’s a piece missing on the right side of the south wall of the building, so maybe I’ll see it completed tomorrow or even later today. It is interesting to me to see where advertising is headed. What is an exciting curosity might be an ugly invasion of public space if all the buildings downtown were wrapped. And I saw on The Science Channel that the buildings of the future might actually be covered with LCDs as ever-changing "skins." We’re already seeing more and more of our city’s billboards going LCD, so the idea of whole buildings wrapped in LCDs is not too farfetched. I just don’t know that I like the idea of it.

P.S. I sent this to my blog-via-Flickr e-mail address earlier this morning, but for some reason it didn’t show up on either Flickr or my blog. Odd!





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