Our Wii Family

Our Wii Family

Our Wii Family
Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene

Now that we got the Wii Fit Plus that allows you to create Miis for your pets and weigh them (and track changes), I set up Buxley and Lady. Now we have our whole family represented in Miis. When I saw the screen this morning, it reminded me of those people who have the cutout sticky people on the rear windows of their vehicles. Those people always have straight families: Mother, Father, Daughter, Son, with maybe some cats and dogs. I’ve always thought it would be funny to have stickers of two men and two dogs on the back of my car. Well, this is the closest I’ve come to that yet: my family in Wii Miis.

And yes, I did mean “Our Wii Family” to be a pun of “Our Wee Family.”

Oh, and by the way, Lady’s already lost 2.5 pounds in the past month since we’ve been feeding her less. Yay, Lady!

Um, do I need to say that Wii Fit Plus is a registered trademark of Nintendo, Inc.? =)






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