Thinking of moving from to

It’s been such a headache for me to manage my blog that I’m thinking of moving it over to I didn’t realize until recently that I could even have it all on I read this article called vs. tonight, and I realized that, on, none of the Pros are helping me and all of the Cons are hurting me, whereas on, none of the Cons would hurt me and all of the Pros would help me. I’m not a PHP programmer nor do I really want to hire one to manage my site for me. I freak every time I have to update from one WordPress software version to another. Automatic updates always hang. Manual updates are a pain. With it’s all taken care of, and I could focus solely on what I really love to do, which is write and share media. The terms of service for forbid ads, but I don’t earn more than maybe $100 a year in Google AdSense ad revenue on anyway. With the money I’d lose, I’d gain time— and peace of mind! And the few “legacy” pages I have, such as my Style Sheets Demo Page, while pioneering in its day, hardly seems relevant anymore. I could probably even put some of that CSS into a WordPress page anyway.

What do you think? Any reason why I shouldn’t turn into and move my blog over here?





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