Why I’m boycotting the 2014 Winter Olympics

I won’t  watch the winter Olympics this year because I am disgusted with the Russian government’s homophobia, corruption, and abuse of its citizens. I don’t know what difference my lack of media consumption will make as a political statement, but I don’t even want to watch, I am that turned off.

I admire Olympic athletes, and I can understand why they would compete instead of boycott; they have spent their lives preparing for the  games not knowing where they will be hosted, and if they back out now, they forfeit their chance to win. It is unfortunate they are participating in a country that flies in the face of the Olympic sprit, but I wish them luck! I just won’t be watching.







One response to “Why I’m boycotting the 2014 Winter Olympics”

  1. The Howling Fantogs Avatar
    The Howling Fantogs

    I support your boycotting of the Olympics. I however, despite my feelings, will be watching it. I believe the Olympics are for all of us, and about more than Russia.


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