Our paloverde in bloom

The green branches of our paloverde tree covered in yellow flowers

The Paloverde tree, named for the Spanish words for “green branch,” is the state tree of Arizona and is the one that beautifies our front lawn.





2 responses to “Our paloverde in bloom”

  1. Cliff Avatar

    I only recently (last few yrs) started putting my attention more deliberately on trees. (new hobby). As I read up on this tree it is quite fascinating. It doesn’t need leaves for photosynthesis, does it through it’s bark? (fascinating) Have you tried eating the seeds and flowers?. Seems like a pretty amazing tree. https://thisistucson.com/tucsonlife/things-you-didn-t-know-about-palo-verde-trees/article_2bd1ac1a-1e35-11e7-a9ef-e72ce8be4b5b.html Do you know which variety you have there? Does your tree have some big thorns on it also?


    1. Daniel Greene Avatar

      Good questions! Ours is a Desert Museum, which doesn’t have thorns. We’ve never tried eating the seeds or flowers, but I might give it a try. According to the article you linked to, 2/3 of photosynthesis happens through the bark and 1/3 through the flowers. A neighbor of ours cut back her paloverde to the point where it looked like a trunk-and-limb sculpture, but then it branched out again and now it looks like a regular tree again. I guess that’s because of all that photosynthesis that takes place through the bark! I had never thought of that before.

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