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  • Twitter Updates for 2009-03-21

    Oh. I just noticed I just wrote my 500th update! Well, well. Good night everybody. I hope to read your answers re: @mrtweet in the morning. # Someone please tell me what’s up with @mrtweet. I followed three Fridays ago and I haven’t gotten a single recommendation. Is this for real? # Just got beat […]

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-03-20

    I’m losing interest in looking at my contacts/friends’ photos on Flickr. I’m just too busy & too tired. I’ve hardly even peeked at Twitter. # My friend created a song & video for Pride at 40: My Rainbow Flag Over Me photos appears at the end. # Okay, now I really must delete […]

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-03-19

    My condolences to Liam Neeson, Vanessa Redgrave, Joely Richardson, and all of Natasha Richardson’s close loved ones and fans. Truly a loss! # Seriously sad to hear of the death of Natasha Richardson. Her and her mother, Vanessa Redgrave, have touched my heart with their spirits. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-03-18

    Uh, hello several hrs l8r! That last tweet was supposed to be a DM to @pinchmysalt re: her red velvet cake recipe. # Not hearing back from you, I went ahead and used the whole two bottles (2 oz). P.S. I see why everything had to be room temp! # @pinchmysalt Do you think […]

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-03-17

    No new Heroes or Medium tonight. Posted 3 photos to Flickr. Now to finish _Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim_. # Thought I’d rent Shaun White snowboarding for 99c at Superstar Video during Monday Movie (and game) night, but they don’t carry it. 😦 # RT @bookgrl: Do not want: Seriously? I […]